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Today’s consumers have more choices than ever before, especially in healthcare. There are more than one million physicians licensed to practice in the U.S. In such a crowded field, how will you stand out? 

Great content is a great start. 

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  • Amazing content for your website
  • An engaging blog
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hello. i'm patrick.

I have been a professional writer since 2009. I am equal parts medical writer and creative healthcare copywriter, with a generous dose of SEO knowledge. I’m well-versed in scientific literature and medical terminology, but I speak the language of your patients. I’ll help you get noticed on the web and provide value to your patients before they even get to your waiting room.

Content for your practice

Your patients know you’re an expert in your specialty. With the right digital content strategy, more will. A website packed with engaging, useful and accurate copy, an email campaign that reaches patients where they are and a robust social media presence can enable you to start helping people before they even get to your waiting room. 

content for your patients

An informed patient who’s eager to be an active participant in their health is a happier patient, and one more likely to recommend your practice. And, if people love your website, so will search engines. Fresh, useful content is one of the most important factors in how Google and other search engines rank your website. More eyes on your site means more patients through your door. 

I have written hundreds of articles, web pages and newsletter items on subjects and specialties including:






Neurology and Neurosurgery

Bariatric Surgery






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